Naturopathic medicine benefits the entire family. Dr Berni provides complete family care from preconception to adulthood. 


Family Health Care


These visits will answer many of the health related questions that arise in a baby’s first year.  Visits are scheduled starting at 6-8 weeks old and provide support for issues such as food introduction, sleep issues, breast feeding, colic, skin conditions such as eczema, frequent colds and ear infections, optimal growth and check for developmental milestones.


These visits can address many of your child’s health concerns such as frequent colds and ear infections (especially when first beginning school), skin conditions, digestive disturbances, attention deficit disorder,  asthma and allergies, mood disorders such as anxiety, failure to thrive or weight concerns.


The teen years bring with them a whole new set of issues.  As hormones increase conditions such as acne, anxiety, mood swings, menstrual complaints and weight concerns can arise.  This is a wonderful time in your child’s life to teach them about the positive effects that diet and proper nutrition can have on their body.  You can be confident that you are sending them out into the world able to make the right dietary and lifestyle choices which will benefit them in countless ways.  Sometimes this information is better heard from a source other than a parent at this age. 



Hormones influence every aspect of your health. From cortisol and thyroid hormones, to estrogen and insulin, our bodies are dependant on the healthy balance of these hormones to function every day.  Dr Berni has spent years treating patients by supporting this delicate interplay of hormones.  Sometimes you can be doing all the right things (diet, exericise) but because your hormones are imbalanced you are unable to achieve your health goals.

Some of the hormonal conditions which Dr Berni has experience treating include menstrual irregularities, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, menopausal symptoms such as insomnia, hot flashes and weight gain, thyroid conditions, insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, and high cortisol.

Dr Berni will assess your symptoms and recommend blood work to test your hormone levels.  She will then make supplement, dietary and lifestyle recommendations to support any deficiencies or imbalances.  Dr Berni can also provide the option of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy if indicated.