Perhaps you are looking for support with a serious medical condition or just interested in optimizing your health, improving energy and preventing disease. Using diagnostic tools and an integrative approach, Dr Berni will work with you to identify and then treat any imbalances that exist and support the foundations of your health.



Initial consultations with Dr Berni encompass a detailed health history and physical examination. At this time blood work and further testing will be discussed. A plan will be created incorporating lifestyle changes, nutritional advice, supplement suggestions and in some cases acupuncture. Your goals will be heard and your plan will be focused on attaining them. 

Follow up visits will review and assess blood work results and the patient’s response to the treatment plan. They are scheduled 4 weeks after the initial visit and at regular intervals in order to adjust treatment plans and provide ongoing support.


Naturopathic doctors have access to lab testing in Ontario. Lab tests are an important tool to help diagnose and prevent disease. 

Dr Berni can screen for and monitor thyroid dysfunction, insulin resistance, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities (IgG testing), celiac disease, H.pylori, cardiovascular disease, cancer, metabolic disorders and many more conditions. 

For a comprehensive list of tests, please contact Dr Berni at Darou Wellness.


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